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General Garden and Landscaping Equipment

3″ Road Registered Wood Chipper

A 16HP 3 to 4 inch chipper designed for the backyard, acreage clean up or pruning.  This is a tow behind road registered unit with the advantage of a top output chute so you can direct the chips directly into a trailer or ute if you prefer. 

4″ Chipper Mulcher Shredder

With a 4″ input chipping disc and a separate mulcher with 1″ capacity this machine is designed for all sorts of pruning applications, especially where there are large amounts of foliage that can be put through the shredder section. It is Powered by a V-twin 31HP Briggs and Stratton engine and is registered to tow directly to your job. 

6″ Road Registered Wood Chipper

This is our largest machine.  The Forst ST6 Petrol chipper has a twin roller auto feed system with an intake opening of 6″x8″. Combine that with a 37HP motor and it becomes a very versatile machine for the DIYer, farmer or tradesman. 

It is a registered tow behind machine weighing 740KG.

Hydraulic Rotary Hoe

We have Hydraulic self propelled Rotary Hoes available for slightly more compacted soil preparation. These machines are available in either single cylinder engine with 18″ width or twin cylinder 20″ width.  Ideal use is initial garden bed preparation or before resowing/laying turf

If you need something with a little more power, or just larger then check out our miniloaders with rotary hoe attachments here

Walk Behind Trencher

If you need to lay some irrigation pipe, cabling etc then these machines make the job much easier. With a tungsten tipped combo chain, they dig a trench 100mm wide and 600mm deep.  These machines are self propelled and are available on a trailer if required.

Lawn Aerator

Heard about lawn aerating and want to give it a go, or a professional needing to provide a service to their customers? This machine is a good option. 

This 450mm wide plug (core) aerator is not much larger than a big push mower and the action of the tines makes it self propelled.  Lawn aeration is crucial for a healthy lawn, allowing nutrients and moisture to penetrate to the roots, they are also great for bringing life back to heavily compacted areas due to people and pets walking, or ride on mowers regularly turning. 

Log Splitter

What’s your preference?  A Table splitter or a Horizontal/Vertical splitter?  

We have a choice for you, both are powered by reliable Honda petrol engines and fitted with powerful commercial spec hydraulic rams suitable for hardwood and will run all day.   The table style splitter has a hydraulic powered lifting arm with a capacity of 200KG to get your wood up to the work area and a faster cycle time on the main splitting ram as a result of its 2 handed safety system. 

The HV splitter has the ability to work in a vertical mode where your wood rounds can stay on the ground to save lifting altogether.  Both machines do a great job, it just depends on your preference for the type of job you have. 

Red Roo stumpgrinder

Large Tracked Stumpgrinder

Got a large stump to grind? This is the machine for you.  A tracked, self propelled hydraulic 16tooth stumpgrinder with a 31HP motor should do the job. This Red Roo stumpgrinder has a joystick controlling a cutting head with an arc of up to 2.5M giving it the capability of grinding a stump up to 1.5M to 2M diameter.  It can cut up to a height of 813mm and to a depth of 350mm.

Small Pivot Over Centre  Stumpgrinder

A smaller stump grinder to suit backyards or just small jobs.  This machine is only 720mm wide so can fit through most house gates. it has a 16HP 8 tooth cutting disc with a 450mm arc, so it still has plenty of capacity to tackle most homeowner tasks. 


A self propelled single person machine used to harvest or remove and replace lawn prior to work taking place, or remove existing lawn before relaying without taking off too much of your soil. This machine cuts 350mm wide with variable depth up to 60mm


A small petrol powered tiller designed to turn over soft soil prior to planting out garden beds. 

Outdoor Power Equipment



We have a Stihl blower to suit your needs whether it be Petrol, Battery, compact homeowner or commercial backpack



Trimming? Cutting? Petrol? Battery?

We’ve got plenty of standalone brushcutters to help get your job done. 


We have a range of hedge trimmers to do your job, Petrol and the popular battery units are available, from a regular units to work close to your body to pole and extension units with a reach upto 3.3M  Ask about our cherry pickers and rough terrain scissor lifts if you need even better access to even the biggest of hedges.

Combination Systems

More than 1 job to do?  Ask us for a look at the Stihl Kombi and MM systems.  We have plenty of attachments to chose from including the below

  • Hedge trimmer
  • Pole pruner
  • Lawn edger
  • Line trimmers
  • De-thatcher
  • Tiller/Aerator


Push Mower with Catcher

Need a regular walk behind push mower with a catcher to get you out of trouble? Give us a call, we have 19″ machines to hire whether you’re helping a friend, in between mowers or have yours in for service in our workshop.

Battery Push Mower


Need something a little lighter, quieter or just want to try a battery mower before you buy?  We have Stihl Battery mowers for hire. These machines come with a catcher, side chute and mulch plug with cutting widths upto 51cm (21″). Batteries and charger are also included.


Self Propelled Slasher

This machine takes walk behind mowers to the next level for even the toughest of tasks you have for it.

A pivoting deck, powerful Honda motor, self-propelled hydrostatic transmission (like a ride on mower) and 26″ cut makes this a great machine for clearing brush or overgrown access routes ready for the fire season or just to tidy things up. 

Garden Roller

A 60L garden and turf roller. These rollers can be filled with up to 60L of water to assist rolling in turf etc.

Post Hole Diggers

Manual Post Hole Digger

One Man Post Hole Digger

A single user 2-stroke earth auger.

Augers available: 4″, 6″, 8″ plus extensions.

Two Man Post Hole Digger

A two person 2-stroke earth auger.

Augers available: 6″, 10″, 12″, 14″, plus extensions.

Hydraulic Post Hole Digger

A single person Hydraulic earth auger. This machine takes the larger style augers of the 2man unit with the ease of a single operator. The frame can also be disassembled to pack down smaller. 

Augers available: 6″, 10″, 12″, 14″, plus extensions.

Kanga with Auger

For even larger jobs or holes, a loader or even an excavator with an auger powerhead might be more suited. More information on the machines themselves can be found on our “Earthmoving” page.

Augers available: 150mm, 250mm, 350mm, 450mm, 600mm, plus extensions.

Post Hole Pincer

Wolf Garten Tools

High Reach Loppers

Extension Pole

Pruning Saw

Pruning Saw Attachment


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