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Diamond Concrete

A small walk behind concrete grinder equipped with a 200mm Diamond disc designed for grinding small to medium areas or working up against walls.  It has a 2.5HP electric motor with removable front disc covers allowing you to do the finishing touches right up to installed fittings or walls either working dry with a commercial vacuum or wet with the included hose fitting. 

Terrazzo Grinder

The concrete/terrazzo grinder is a bit larger and heavier, but designed to cover greater areas.  This machine has a 360mm grinding disc which can be fitted with both diamond wedge blocks or less aggressive  The machine has a 2HP motor, can be operated wet or dry and has the option of PCD blocks for paint/glue/resin removal, diamond blocks for heavy grinding or Carborundum resin blocks in different grades for that final finish. With an adjustable wheel height you will always be able to get the blocks level to get the best finish and most productive grind. 

Satellite Floor Grinder

The Satellite 480 is a Pro level machine with a 480mm diameter of triple planetary discs.  This machine is capable of all day running for large areas, has a HVA meter to help the operator with determining load, auto-levelling head  and a variety of discs available depending on the hardness of your concrete and what level of finish you want to achieve.  If we do not have a disc suitable for your work, we can assist you in purchasing something very specific to your needs.

A machine of this size produces a lot of dust, so we also have available the matching Floorex dust extractor. This is an easy to use, easy to clean high power vacuum unit to keep your workplace safe and virtually free from dust.

Trowelling Machine

The 40″ (1015mm) Power Trowel  is perfect for medium-sized jobs for house pads, shed slabs and multiple applications. This machine is powered by a 4 stroke Honda engine. 

Porta Vibe

A Concrete vibrator for removing air bubbles from concrete pours. This unit is powered by a 4 stroke Honda motor


Vibe Needle

A concrete Vibrator that is run by a flexdrive powerhead unit. This is larger than the portavibe and better for thicker pours. 

Aluminium Screed


Cement Mixers

We have electric 2.2cu/ft cement mixers for hire. 

Demolition Saws

We have a selection available for hire. Please see the complete list here.

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