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Floor Sanders

8″ Drum Floor Sander

This is the heavier duty floor sander, it features an 8″ Drum and is suited to levelling and sanding wood floors. We stock abrasives to suit from 24grit to 120grit. This machine being more aggressive is suited to heavily worn, cupped or weathered flooring. 

 Orbital Floor Sander

If you want a finishing sander as a 2nd stage to the drum sander, or just need to give it a light sand before recoating a floor in good condition, then this orbital machine will suit the job. It is also used where a high quality finish is wanted and sanding between coats is required. Being an orbital machine, it is also suited to outdoor decking although not as aggressive as the drum sander for heavily weathered timber. Available with self adhesive 40 to 180 Grit abrasive that we keep in stock.

Edge Sander

As the name would suggest, the edge sander is designed to finish your job right up to the skirting boards without requiring their removal or damaging them.  It’s also excellent for confined spaces like those forgotten about cupboard floors. Available with 36 to 120 Grit discs that we keep in stock. 

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