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Light Duty
Jack Hammer and drill

SDS+ drills are ideal for both heavy impact drill as well as light duty breaker work. We have a range of chisels and bits available. 

Medium Duty
Jack Hammer

Medium duty electric jackhammers are the go to tool for general concrete and rock breaking. We have various points, chisels and spade bits available. The lighter weight but high output Hilti units even have a short point bit for heavy duty wall or horizontal demolition. 

Heavy Duty
Jack Hammer

The next step up is the heavy duty electric “T handle” style Hilti jackhammer.  These units have the capability of removing 2 Tonnes of concrete an hour yet only weigh 15KG making them great for the operator in larger jobs. This machine comes with chisel and point bits.  

Jack Hammer Trolley 

The Jackhammer trolley can be used with either the Makinex tile smasher head (with replaceable blade), or any other bit that is suitable for the medium duty jackhammers, including spade bits to help start the smashing process for really thick or stubborn materials.

9″ Battery Demolition Saw

Have a smaller job? Tight access or sound level an issue?  The Stihl TSA230 is the baby of demo saws. Cutting neatly and swiftly up to 70mm deep, the choice of  abrasive wheels gives it the capacity to cut steel and metal pipes, through to concrete, bricks and roof tiles.

Stihl TS500i Demo Saw Hire

14″ Demolition Saws

At W.E hire we rely on the Stihl range of Cutquik Demo saws. Our standard hand held saw is the 14″ fuel injected TS500i. This saw is fitted with a diamond blade and has a cutting depth of 116mm. This machine is our most popular all rounder with its powerful fuel injected 2-Stroke engine and reasonable weight. 

Demo Saw and Trolley Hire

16″ Demolition Saw
and Trolley

Got a bigger job to do? Prefer a demo saw in a trolley?  The next step up is the 16″ TS800 trolley demo saw. This is a more powerful unit to drive the larger diamond blade which has a cutting depth upto 150mm.  This machine can be used by hand or in the trolley. 

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