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Cleaning and Pressure Washers

We have a range of indoor and outdoor cleaning appliances to hire.  See below for our range of Vacuums, Pressure Washers and Blowers.

Blower Vacs

Stihl Battery and Petrol blowers. 
  • Hand held Petrol blowers. These are easy to operate and have plenty of power for cleaning leaves and grass off roads and paths.
  • Hand Held battery blowers. Based on Stihl’s 36V battery system, these tools are not only powerful, they are also light and quiet. Perfect for working around schools or even home offices!
  • Lastly we have the mighty backpack blowers. With high power and excellent ergonomics by relocating the engine to the users back, these are suited to large areas and all day professional usage. 

Pressure Washers

At Warragul Equipment Hire there is a wide range of Petrol pressure washers to suit your job;
  • 2700psi compact petrol washer with lance. The entry level machine, but with plenty of power to get most jobs done with ease of transportation.
  •  2500psi dual pressure washer. This machine has the standard lance as well as a hard surface rotary cleaner built into the base. It is a wheeled machine so you can just push it along to clean almost any hard surface
  • 4000psi dual pressure washer. This machine is the same as above with the surface cleaner, but at 107KG it’s just a bigger more powerful version. Both have a 10M hose for the lance. 
  • A 15M extension hose for the lance is available to suit all machines.

Wet & Dry
Vacuum Cleaners

Cleaning up after a party, or major construction? These commercial vacuums have you covered.
  • We have M class commercial vacuum cleaners. With self-cleaning filters, wet capability and disposable bags these machines have most situations covered. They are available with a fleece bag for dry general work, a poly bag for super fine materials or bagless for wet usage.
    • NB. No asbestos or silica dust is permitted, and waste must be disposed of by the hirer before returning the machine.
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