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At Warragul Equipment Hire we have various portable generators, all petrol powered, for hire.  These machines are suitable for getting a fridge running during a blackout, running some sensitive electronic equipment with the inverter generator, or running a worksite of compressors and power tools. 

Small Inverter Generators

If you just need to run some smaller or sensitive appliances we have Inverter generators up to 3400W to get you powered back up quietly and cleanly with sine wave power. These units have twin 15A plugs, USB and Cigarette plugs inbuilt. 

Larger tradepack Generators

The tradies friend. These hire pack generators are available between 6KVA and 10KVA (8000W peak) and strong enough to get you through the rough and tumble of building sites, events, markets or just backup power for home. The larger units are electric starts and all have earth leakage detection and twin 15A plugs.

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