VC Traders


85kg Compaction Plate

Heavy Duty and a plate size of 610mmx460mm makes this the General purpose all rounder of our fleet of compactors. While they can be used for all sorts of surfaces these are best used for coarser soils and aggregates. These cover large areas and are easy to use. 

65kg Compaction Plate

A smaller more compact version of the 85KG compaction plate. This machine has a folding handle, wheels and a plate size of 520mm x 360mm making it a great unit for smaller areas, easier transportation and handling or easy trench compaction. 

Trench Compactor/Rammer

The trench compactor is a more speacialised professional unit. These have the advantage of a small foot enabling them to perform better in confined spaces like trenches, but also the ramming action instead of a vibration means the soil is compacted deeper. These machines can take a little getting used to for those not familiar with them. 

Vibratory Roller

If you have a large area like driveways or arenas to compact after spreading your toppings then the sit on drum rollers are ideal.

Our units are hydraulic drive twin 900mm drum (front with vibrator) and weigh 1 tonne so can cover larger areas faster and more effectively than hand compactors.  

These machines have petrol engines and water systems to front and rear drums, they are supplied on a trailer. You will need a tow capacity of 1500kg or we can deliver if required.