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Strongway Tools Baltoslavic Viking Axe


Strongway Tools Baltoslavic Viking Axe – This is a stunning hand-forged Baltoslavic axe, made from 52100 (100Cr6) steel.  The 52100 steel encourages better cutting properties and is more protected from rust. The Ash tree handle is carved by hand with a Scandinavian pattern and has a leather wrap also done by hand. The axe also comes with a leather sheath.

Axe`s head size ~13*16 cm (~5 1/10*6 1/3 inches).
Weight – 1.15-1.25 kg.

Strongway Tools (previously known as Fadir Tools) is a custom forge in Ukraine, where they create all types of unique, high-quality craft for anyone’s taste and preference. They are passionate about cultural features and impactful techniques of the olden days, trying to translate that special medieval mood in their creations.

Strongway Tools are a band of dreamers fueled by the cultural heritage that came together to give you some bewitching pieces of craft.  Metal or leather, they have a whole team of craft masters to handle most extraordinary solutions, keeping quality in mind all throughout the process – from initial sketches to final polishing.

Strongway Tools puts their soul into their craft. Made by hand, by craftsman in Ukraine.

Please enjoy the video showing the knife making process with the craftsmen from Strongway Tools and the lower video showing the wood carving process.

Although this is functional, please take care when handling due to decoration, it is not intended for heavy work.

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