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Dane Axe


Dane Axe.

A hand forged, brutal axe originally made centuries ago for cracking skulls at an arms length (hence the lighter weight and long handle).  This one is a hand forged small dane axe by Dan Pecnik from Slovenia.  The handle used is Ash timber harvested by Dan as well.

The story behind the small Dane axe –  Dan went on a trip to Scandinavia to visit Nordkapp, the most Northern point or cap of Europe, and on the way back stopped at couple of Norwegian and Danish museum, where he saw this exact smaller Dane axe model and was inspired to forge it himself, so it is basically a replica of the same axe warriors used to conquer vast parts of europe.

Dan has a small forge called Noric Steel forge, that he has created by himself over the years in a remote mountain village in Slovenia, Europe. He started forging in 2012, not owning  a power hammer at that stage. Having lived in the woods most of his life, he used woodworking tools a lot.  Most tools he owned at the time were of poor quality, axes handles broke often, blades needed to be sharpened so often that it was getting really tiring, and then one day he thought to himself, could he make this on his own, and make it better?

He went to the store, bought a hammer, made a primitive forge and started to learn, and has being doing it ever since. He specializes in high quality woodworking tools, but mostly knives and axes. Being a big fan of Norse mythology, a lot of his work is influenced by the style of the ancient Vikings from Scandinavia. Dan never make wallhangers and gives a lifetime warranty on the steel he forges. All of his tools are made to be used and hopefully handed down to future generations who will cherish them. Most of the wood he tries to harvest himself, from falling the tree, to debarking, splitting, drying it and carving/fitting the handles. The best wood for axe handles is mountain Ash, with straight grain, this type of wood is very strong and tough, but also very durable and flexible enough to absorb the shock. The sheaths are done by his good friend who is a local leatherworker in Slovenia.

The axe is forged with 1080 high carbon steel.

Overall length 103cm.

Axe head length 18.5cm.

Axe face 10cm.

Overall weight 900gms.

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