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Strongway Tools Long Viking Axe


Fadir Tools Long Viking Axe

Stunning long Viking axe, magnificently crafted by hand.  Forged with etching on the head, drakar shaft with leather wrap and Viking carvings all done by master craftsman.  Scandinavian pattern on the axe.

Also known as the Mammen axe.  The story behind a Mammen axe – In 1868 a farmer began to dig into the mound Bjerringhøj at Mammen near Viborg. During this work he chanced upon an unusually richly-furnished grave, which has become known as the grave from Mammen. A magnate was buried in the grave during the winter of 970-71 AD. He was given an expensive costume, a ceremonial axe with inlaid silver decoration and a large wax candle.

The buried man lay upon a bed of down cushions in a coffin placed in a wooden chamber – a so-called chamber-grave. At his feet lay two axes. On the coffin lid a bronze bucket, two wooden buckets and a large wax candle had been placed. The man wore costly clothing decorated with purple and red silk, as well as embroideries in red and blue. It is not known whether the deceased was Christian or pagan. The motifs on the one axe can be interpreted as both of these, but the large candle is probably a Christian symbol. The fine quality of the furnishings shows that the deceased presumably belonged to the circle around King Harald Bluetooth.

The farmer’s heavy-handed digging was followed up by an archaeological excavation, from which new information about the grave came to light. Mammen is, apart from the chamber-grave, also known for a hoard find made at the same time at a gravel quarry near the village.

This stunning Viking axe is beautifully crafted and is absolutely functional or great as a wall hanger, or one for the collectors.

Overall length: 70 centimetres

Handle material: Ash wood

Blade material: Carbon steel

Axe head length: 18cm

Axe face: 12cm

Weight: 1.5 kg’s

The axe is made from hardened 52100 (100CR6) steel.  Thi steel has good cutting properties and is more protected from rust.

Fadir Blacksmith is a custom forge where they create all types of unique, high-quality craft for anyone’s taste and preference. They are passionate about cultural features and impactful techniques of the olden days, trying to translate that special medieval mood in their creations.

Fadir Tools are a band of dreamers fueled by the cultural heritage that came together to give you some bewitching pieces of craft.  Metal or leather, they have a whole team of craft masters to handle most extraordinary solutions, keeping quality in mind all throughout the process – from initial sketches to final polishing.

Fadir Tools puts their soul into their craft. Made by hand, by craftsman in Ukraine.

Enjoy watching this video of the axe making process by the craftsmen from Fadir Tools, and the lower video showing the handle carving process.

Free shipping australia wide. For FREE shipping, use coupon FREESHIP at checkout.

Please enjoy the video of the craftsmen forging the axes by hand and the one below showing the beautiful leather work.








Availability: 2 in stock (can be backordered)

Enjoy the the video of the craftsmen doing their handle carving art.

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