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TOVE 20 Inch Wrecking Bar. Svedbro Smide.


TOVE 20 Inch Wrecking Bar. Svedbro Smide have been making wrecking bars by hand, in Sweden since 1942.

The wrecking bars are handcrafted, tempered, ground and painted by people who know just how a wrecking bar is used and what is important to the user of the wrecking bar – whether you use it on a daily basis or just a few times a year.

A handcrafted wrecking bar offers superior durability compared with a pressed wrecking bar.

The wrecking bar is forged in specially alloyed steel, and the whole bar is tempered and annealed to handle extremely high loads. The steel alloy and handcrafting give the wrecking bar sprung properties, which enable it to stand up to extreme loads without deforming or breaking.

The sides of the shaft are octagonal, which gives a better grip than if it was round.

The wrecking bar’s nail claw is angled at 90 degrees to the shaft, giving the claw good access even right up against a wall or a ceiling. Great to get behind ledges, planks, moldings etc.

Both ends of the bar are thinly ground and have wide, polished tips for ease of insertion under boards, while minimising damage to the surface providing the fulcrum.

The nail claw has a precision angled V-slot design to allow nails to be pulled regardless of their size and head shape.

The wrecking bars are available in five lengths – 11, 20, 25, 28 and 36 inches. The lengths are, however, not exact since the wrecking bars are forged by hand.

Item no    Length      Weight

11″            28 cm       0,4 kg

20″             51 cm       0,9 kg

25″            64 cm       1,4 kg

28″             71 cm       1,8 kg

36″             91 cm       2,5 kg

All wrecking bars carry a 20 year guarantee.

VC Traders is an official Tove Svedbro Smide dealer.

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