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Karesuando Knife Brooch


Karesuando Knife Brooch

Handmade jewellery knife to hang around your neck or give away as an appreciated gift! The mini knife has a blade of Swedish Damasteel® and a handle of reindeer horn in different sections. The knife sheath is made of reindeer horn with decorations on the side. At the end of the necklace you find a decorative piece of reindeer horn.

Please note that the pattern on the blade varies between each knife. This is something that makes the mini knife even more unique.

Blade length: 28mm

Blade thickness: 1.5mm

Blade width: 11mm

Handle material: Reindeer antler & curly birch

Steel Grade: Damasteel DS93X

Total length:65mm

Weight (without sheath): 10g

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