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Karesuando Vuogas Aksu Hunters Axe Nature (Free Delivery use coupon FREESHIP)


Up in the North of Sweden, in the land of the midnight sun, and the Northern Lights, 250km North of the Arctic Circle, lies the small village of Karesuando.  The village was founded with its first permanent house  in 1670.

Karesuando Kniven manufactures these high quality knives and axes using age old craft traditions, which date from a time when the Sami’s were still living as Nomads.  Reindeer leather, bone, horn, curly birch, birch bark and wool were readily available materials and were used to manufacture many everyday objects.  Karesuando is one of Sweden’s most esteemed knife makers.

It has a stainless Sandvik 12C27 steel axe head.  Sandvik 12C27 is a martensic stainless chromium steel with an optimized analysis for high quality professional knife and axe applications.  After heat treatment, the composition of carbon and chromium gives a unique combination of properties including;

* Very high hardness
* Good corrosion resistance
* Very high wear resistance

The Vuogas Aksu has a round design, one-piece stunning curly burch and reindeer antler handle with a Karesuando inlay shield. A black leather blade cover belt sheath is standard.  It also comes with 2 1/4″ x 1/2″ double sided diamond sharpener with brown leather slip pouch.  Comes in a Karesuando gift box.


* 270mm approx length

* Stainless Sandvik 12C27 steel axe head

* Hardened to 55HRC

* 550 grams approx

Postage included Australia wide.

Karesuando Vuogas Aksu Hunters Axe

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