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Karesuando Metsamies Forest Axe

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Karesuando Metsamies Forest Axe – Black

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Handcrafted from high-quality black coated stainless steel, and lashed with reindeer leather rope for added control, the Mettamies High Carbon Bushcraft Axe by Karesuando is truly a masterpiece of Scandinavian design. Created using traditional materials such as beech and moose horn in the handle, the Mettamies axe retains a high level of quality and authenticity. A hard-wearing black leather holster and firm belt loop is included for added convenience and security during transportation.

Manufactured in northern Lappland at Karesuandokniven are handmade bushcraft axes for wood chopping, wood splitting and lighter forestry work.  All of their handmade bushcraft axes are made of stainless steel and ideal to bring with you to your summer cottage or on a camping trip in the woods.
Karesuando is a town in Lapland in the far north of Sweden. Located directly on the banks of the river Kaaresuvanto, which marks the border with Finland. In Karesuando, 250 km north of the Arctic Circle in the land of the elks, the reindeer, the midnight sun and the polar light, nordic knives are handmade according to old tradition. Karesuando has been a manufacturer since 1975 and since then has produced over one million blades. Only natural, traditional materials are used, such as oiled grains and reindeer horn as handle material, as well as selected cowhide for the sheaths.


  • Belt attachment: belt loop
  • Handle material: Beech Moose Antler
  • Hardness HRC: 57
  • Total length: 230mm
  • Claimed product weight (without sheath): 350g
  • Includes: Axe, holster, diamond sharpener.  Gift box not included.

Karesuando Metsamies Forest Axe

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