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Hultafors Qvarfot Felling Axe (Free delivery use coupon FREESHIP)


Hultafors Qvarfot Felling Axe

This is an axe well suited to assist you in small scale forest work. The long shaft adds force to the striking action and the axe is also useful for splitting, bucking and processing wood. This axe is named after one of the families who served as blacksmiths at Hults Bruk for generations, the Qvarfot’s. Take care of your axe and it will stay a faithful companion for many years to come. Thanks to the quality and craftsmanship of this axe, Hultafors offer you a full lifetime warranty on the axe head.

It has a shaft length of 650mm (26″) and weighs 1.26g. It comes standard with a leather sheath.  The Hultafors Qvarfot Axe is suitable for small scale felling, farm work and general chopping duties .  It is sharpened by hand not machine, so it is exceptionally sharp.  It is designed for tradesman, hunters, farmers, collectors and craftsmen.  It makes a very unique present for someone special.

The handle is made from American grown Hickory, a strong and flexible wood. It is treated with linseed oil

Hand forged in Sweden using traditional methods in use since 1967.   At Hults Bruk in Ostergotland the axe heads are forged from Swedish axe steel of a consistently high quality.

The steel is struck 40 -60 times until the axe attains its final form.  This increases the density of the swedish steel and therefore the durability and life of the axe.

The hardening method leaves a clear hard zone within which the axe can be sharpened whilst not detracting from the strength of the edge.

Hults Bruks has forged axes for over 3oo years. Hults Bruk was originally founded in 1697 in the Hulta Valley in Southeastern Sweden.  Forging by hand began with nails for shipbuilding and iron bars.  In 1870 axes became a major part of Hults Bruk’s production.  Today Hults Bruk is a mixture of the new and the old, but the basic culture has not changed over the years.

The blacksmith’s workshop is the heart of Hults Bruk.  At every axe-forging machine there are two people working, one on either side.  The work starts by placing a piece of steel in an oven, to make it soft enough to reshape.  When the heated steel reaches the correct color, the two blacksmiths start to forge.  They form the head by hand, each after the other, step by step.  When they are satisfied with the shape of the head they finish it by stamping the well known “HB” mark into the axe head.

It is important that the edge of the axe is strong and solid.  The hardening master is responsible for giving the edge the correct hardness and ensuring that it will not be brittle.  This is done by heating up the axe head and cooling it rapidly.  The rough forging surface gives each axe head its own special character, which makes each axe unique.  The fixing of the handle is also done by hand with both a wooden and steel wedge.

FREE postage Australia wide.  For FREE delivery use coupon FREESHIP at checkout.

VC Traders is an official Hultafors dealer.

Enjoy the quick video of the craftsmen  forging the axes at Hultafors.

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