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Gransfors Bruk 475 Large Carving Axe (Free delivery use coupon FREESHIP)


Gransfors Bruk 475 Large Carving Axe

The Gransfors Large Carving Axe is used for woodworking and shaping wood.  The axe has been developed in collaboration with master craftsman Wille Sundqvist & Omni Linnanheimo, with inspiration from old designs.

The large carving axe has a relatively long, curved cutting edge which is double sided as standard.

It is also available as a special order with the edge ground specifically for right handed or left handed carving (subject to availability)

The handle has an uneven surface, giving good friction for a firm grip.  It can also be ordered with a carved handle, giving even better grip and control.

The large carving axe comes with a grain-leather sheath and the famous axe book.  The axe head has a 20 YEAR WARRANTY.

The carving axes are forged from special Swedish steel and are tempered and annealed to the right toughness.  The handles are made from selected high quality American hickory.

Length with handle – 37cm (14.5″)

Weight – 1 kgs (2.2lb)

Gränsfors Bruk is a small Swedish family operated company formed in 1902. Ever since it was founded the company has been making axes and crowbars of the finest quality. The smiths at Gränsfors Bruk are famous for their skill.

Gränsfors Bruk AB is located on the country-side between Gnarp and Bergsjö in Nordantsig County in northern Sweden – 10 kilometers west of the E4, 20 kilometers from the Gulf of Bothnia, between Hudiksvall and Sundsvall, 340 kilometres north of Stockholm.

VC Traders is an official Gränsfors Bruk dealer.


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