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Gransfors Bruk 445 Large Splitting Axe (Free delivery use coupon FREESHIP)


Gransfors Bruk 445 Large Splitting Axe

The 445 Splitting axe is designed for splitting apart large chunks of wood, ’rounds’.  The head is the same splitting head as the 442 and fitted with the longer handle with collar guard from the 450 splitting maul.  The poll is not designed for pounding on a wedge.  The hickory handle is 31″, has circular grooves at the grip, a steel collar near the head and comes with a grain leather sheath. The craftsman once satisfied with the completed product stamps his initials into the axehead besides the company crown logo.

The Splitting axes comes with a grain-leather sheath and the famous axe book.  The axe head has a 20 YEAR WARRANTY.

The prize awarded mauls are forged from special Swedish steel and are tempered and annealed to the right toughness.  The handles are made from selected high quality American hickory.

Length – 80cm

Face length – 6.4cm

Weight – 2.5 kgs

Gränsfors Bruk is a small Swedish family operated company formed in 1902. Ever since it was founded the company has been making axes and crowbars of the finest quality. The smiths at Gränsfors Bruk are famous for their skill.

VC Traders is an official Gränsfors Bruk dealer.

FREE Delivery Australia wide  For FREE delivery use coupon FREESHIP.

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