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Small Engine Technician Job Description

The position as a small engine mechanic will involve the servicing, repair and rebuilding of a vast variety of outdoor power equipment and plant.  The successful candidate will need to be experienced in working with both two and four stroke machines and have had some experience with diesel engines.  You must be able to work unsupervised on an individual basis and also as a part of a team and have sufficient competence and experience to complete any service work offered to you. 

The position will cover all aspects of a service position and everything encompassed by that.  Mostly all service work will be carried out in our workshop but occasionally on site repairs will need to be done.  The service work will encompass all retail jobs as well as assisting with other staff to maintain, repair and rebuild our hire fleet.

Due to the nature of the position you will be expected to know how to use and read illustrated parts lists and will be responsible for identifying all parts required for the job at hand.

Customer interaction is an essential part of the position to work with clients with service quotes and issues, general inquiries, hire assistance and counter sales if and when required.

We have a vast product area to work with which includes all outdoor power equipment such as chainsaws, brushcutters and mowers, concreting and construction equipment, spraying equipment, welding products, oils and gases, farm and garden equipment and a lot of other specialised machinery.  Our hire business also has a large range of specialised equipment.


Requirements and conditions of employment

  • Mechanical qualification or suitable experience.
  • Subject to licence check with Vicroads.
  • Subject to Police check.
  • Drivers Licence.
  • 6 month job trial applicable, assessed first at 3 months and finally at 6 months.
  • Signed copy of the company policy handbook.


Personal profile requirements

Personality-               Self-driven, confident, results orientated person with a positive outlook.  Must have a clear focus on high quality and attention to detail.  The person must be reliable, tolerant to different situations and people, and keen to learn new experiences, and responsibilities.  You must be well presented, and able to fit in and work with others as a team player and as an individual when required.

Specific job skills-     You must be able to lift heavy items when required.  You must be qualified or suitably experienced with the service work required as mentioned above.

Computer skills-        We run a fully networked computer system.  We use programs such as Sprockit and various business interface programs with our suppliers.. Our leading suppliers are doing most of their work online such as warranty claims, technical bulletins, illustrated parts lists, ordering and now interactive training schools. The use of all this will be learned as part of the position.


Literacy & Numeracy-

Literacy and numeracy skills are essential. 


Business skills-         

You must be an excellent face to face and telephone communicator.  You must be able to liase and deal with a wide variety of people and be able to deal with disgruntled customers should they arise.


Work ethic-               

You must have an honest, professional work ethic.  The successful applicant will need to be houseproud at all times and be proud of the work that they produce.  You will need have your work areas tidy clean and tidy at all times and put all tools back where they came from.  You will need to know how to improvise where necessary on jobs without cutting corners or improvising health and safety issues.  You will need to be open minded about your approach to jobs and be open to suggestion from others as to how to go about a particular job. 



  • Retail Work
  • Inventory & Stock Control
  • Customer Relations
  • Hire
  • Housekeeping
  • General


Retail Work

  • Complete each job as assigned. If a date has been promised to a customer, you are to ring them if we can’t finish the job by that date.
  • Ensure that customers are notified first if jobs are going to be expensive or if there is going to be a cost they weren’t expecting.
  • Ensure all warranty work is officially approved with the company or supplier before commencing work.
  • Be mindful that the hours sold on the job card are correct and that the most suitable course of action chosen for each job is the right one.
  • Fill out all customer service books when provided.
  • Wash all machines on job completion.
  • Ring customer when job is complete and note on the job card they have been rung.
  • Where applicable record machine hours on the jobcard.
  • Restart jobs that have been left sitting for a while.

Inventory & Stock Control

  • Correctly record quantity and part number on all job cards.
  • Put parts in the relevant parts books that need to be reordered.
  • Alert management or the relevant staff to upcoming shortages or nil stock of spare parts or consumables to avoid nil stock.
  • Check thoroughly for spare parts before ordering.
  • Fill out workshop inventory book for workshop consumables and parts which are chargeable to a job card.

Customer relations

  • Liase with customers when required for service issues, hire and general inquiries.
  • Complete hire transactions including handover and return of fleet items.
  • Learn all the fleet units, their applications and how to use them.
  • Instruct customers on the safe use of all hire items.
  • Load and unload any machines as required.
  • Be courteous and punctual to customers at all times


  • Inspect all hire fleet units upon return. Inspections to be precise and thorough.  Check for safe use and operation, all controls working, satisfactory safety mechanisms, correct fitting of accessories and features and a general complete and proper inspection.
  • Monitor all fleet units to ensure consumables are attached as required.
  • Ensure all fleet units have relevant warning stickers fitted.
  • Ensure that all fleet units where possible have owners manuals and safety instructions fitted. All owner manual canisters are to be checked after each hire to make sure that all manuals are still there.
  • Monitor condition of trailer warning stencils/sticker and restencil or resticker as required.
  • Regularly check all trailing units to ensure           

                        All have been checked and tagged

                        All have R clips

                        All have D shackles

                        All are clean

                        All tyres are ok

                        All brake fittings and couplings are ok

                        All lights and lamps are fitted

  • Wind out completely after each hire winch cables on the car trailers to check the cables are safe and satisfactory.
  • Have trailers washed thoroughly on a regular basis to ensure professional presentation.
  • Wash all hire equipment upon return if necessary.
  • Ensure professional presentation of all units. Use Inox where possible to cut down cleaning times and present the units in a more professional manner. Keep other fleet units clean.  If a unit hasn’t been used for a while, clean it or organise it to be cleaned.
  • Monitor all electrical units to ensure they have all been electrically tested, recorded and tagged.
  • Ensure hire “Get ready stickers” are assigned to fleet units once preparation is complete.
  • Monitor condition of all units on a continual basis. Always be on the lookout for faults, maintenance and safety issues.
  • Keep scaffold thoroughly checked including all welds and joints. Monitor the ladder where possible to make sure that it is not lost.
  • Service all fleet units as per individual machine requirements.
  • Ensure cherrypicker logbooks and scissorlift checklist are filled out and followed as per requirements.
  • Ensure that any fleet units under repair are out of service for the least amount of time. Ensure urgency.
  • Source parts required promptly to reduce downtimes.



  • General housekeeping is a shared responsibility with all workshop and general staff

Ie         Cleaning and sweeping daily

            Refilling of fuel tins

            Cleaning washbay

            Cleaning and storage of fuels and lubricants

            Emptying bins

            Cleaning tea room

  • Be mindful of potential hazards and clean as required or report to management



  • Follow set procedures as required for stock and inventory control
  • Representation as required at open/field days and manufacturer events. This sometimes may include Saturday afternoon, Sunday and evening work.
  • Respond with urgency and efficiency to delegated tasks as requested by company management and staff as daily tasks or situations arise.
  • Process workshop job cards.
  • Ensure all company policies (as per in company handbook) and procedures are followed at all times.
  • Operate all point of sale machines including computers, Eftpos machines, electronic cash register and photocopier.
  • Attend all training sessions both onsite and externally when required.
  • Pick up and deliver workshop jobs.
  • Assist with general yard duties and housekeeping when required.
  • Keep all work areas clean and tidy at all times.
  • Be aware of occupational health and safety issues and abide by current systems and procedures. Ensure all work is performed in accordance with strict safety procedures.
  • Load and unload with the forklift.
  • Read all the relevant technical information that is passed on by our suppliers.
  • Work with all team members to ensure harmony.
  • Do not settle for second best and be thorough, precise and professional.


In general the position is as varied as it is interesting.  We have a very large product range and customer base.  We are very proactive about increasing and improving our business and market share.  We market, promote and advertise our business regularly to ensure future success. 

As employers we provide a fun and safe work environment.  We will provide a secure job with good conditions that will provide a mutually beneficial relationship.  We will provide all the necessary training for all aspects of the business both in house and externally.

We are a tight knit group that works well as a team, helps each other out and feeds of each others knowledge.  We encourage having a good time whilst ensuring we get the job done.  Our business is quite unique and because of that no two days are the same.  Every day sees a new challenge.

To see a little more about us visit our website at

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