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Wolf Garten RR2500 Secateurs


Manufactured in Germany, the all new model Comfort Plus RR2500 will suit most gardeners.  Customised and contoured to fit a medium sized hand it will also suit both left and right handed operators.  See our other listings of the same model contoured to fit smaller hands.

Wolf Garten secateurs are tested for up to 100,000 cuts to ensure optimum performance even after years of use.

The integral spring which is securely protected in the cutter head is unique, which means no more contamination, no more catching and no more getting lost.

The RR2500 offers a soft and effortless cut without jarring, even after thousands of cutting operations. The high strength grips, with smooth plastic inlays sits very comfortably in the hand.  They also feature an easy to use locking mechanism.

The RR2500 has a bypass cutting system which ensures a precise, stub-free cut without injuring the bark for quick healing.  A bypass cutting system is particularly well suited for cutting young, green wood as well as flowers.  The slim cutting head allows cutting in hard to reach places.

* 22mm cutting diameter

* Full spare parts availability

* 10 Year Australia wide warranty

* Replaceable blade

* Precision ground non stick coated blades

* Bypass cutting system

*Outstanding ergonomics

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