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Karesuando Bushcraft – Axe & Folding Knife All In One (Free delivery use coupon FREESHIP)

Karesuandokniven handcrafted axes keep high quality and are beautiful to look at. Both the nature materials and the design is in line with Lappish traditions. Take care of your Karesuandokniven axe and you can count on having a reliably tool for many years to come. Before you choose an axe it is important to consider what purpose you need it for. Karesuando axes are categorised as Hunting axes and Bushcraft axes.

A bushcraft axe from Karesuandokniven are a forest axe made for cutting wood. Although it is mainly used as a wood axe it can also be used for other practical purposes when you are out camping or hiking.

Knives from Karesuandokniven are made the same way they where made over hundreds of years ago, according to sami traditions. The commodities used is taken from the surroundings  in Karesuando. The knives are designed for a number of purposes, always with high quality and usage in focus. Our selection contains handcrafted hunting knives, fishing knives, pocket knives, traditional sami knives and extra fine damascus knives.

Our beautiful handmade folding knives and pocket knives, in brown as well as nature colours. These beautiful and practical knives are well-beloved and always delivered to you in a leather sheath. All of our folding knives have stainless steel blades, as well as traditional Sami materials such as reindeer antlers, reindeer leather and curly birch.

Here we combine a small Axe, a Folding knife NALLO and our Diamond Sharpener all in one common holster. A collectors dream.



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