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Gransfors Bruk 410 Small Hatchet


Gransfors Bruk 410 Small Hatchet

The Gransfors small hatchet is the lightest of all the axes from Gransfors Bruk, making it perfect for hiking, when every kilo counts.  The axe is excellent for limbing and splitting firewood despite it’s diminutive size.  The small hatchet was developed by Lennart Pettersson (LP), axe smith, knife smith and keen angler who was looking to create a very light axe that still retained that axe feel.  The slightly rounded poll functions like a ‘priest’ (used to hit the fish over the head).

The 410 small hatchet comes with a premium vegetable tanned leather sheath, the Axe Book and a 20 year warranty.

*Weight: 0.3kg’s (0.7lb’s).

* Overall length: 26cm (10″)

Gransfors Bruk is a small Swedish family operated company formed in 1902. Ever since it was founded the company has been making axes and crowbars of the finest quality. The smiths at Gransfors Bruk are famous for their skill.

Gransfors Bruk AB is located on the country-side between Snarp and Bersjo in Nordantsig County in Northern Sweden – 10 kilometres west of the E4, 20 kilometres from the Gulf of Bothnia, between Hudiksvall and Sundsvall, 340 kilometres north of Stockholm.

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