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EKA Firesharp: Flint & Sharpener


EKA Firesharp: Flint & Sharpener

EKA-Knivar AB was founded in 1882 by Hadar Hallstrom, EKA has become a well known associated with craftsmanship and quality.  EKA knives are known throughout the world for their strength, safety and first class design.

Eka’s FireSharp is a must have for all outdoor activities due to its innovative combination of 2 sharpener stages, fire starter and a morse code guide.  The carbide blades produce a quick edge set and the crossed ceramic blades complete the two step process with a razor sharp edge.  The FireStarter consists of a fold out fire steel and a removable striker.  Build a fire in any condition wet or dry.

The FireSharp is highly recommended for military, survival, hunters, fisherman and campers.  The FireSharp is the perfect companion to any EKA knife

120mm long x 38mm wide x 10mm thick

Weight 113g

Availability: 1 in stock (can be backordered)

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