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Scissor Lift Hire Warragul Drouin

New Haulotte Star 6 Crawler Tracked Vertical Mast For Hire

Scissor Lift Hire Warragul Drouin

Electric Haulotte Star 6 crawler vertical mast scissor lift for hire.

Haulotte Star 6 tracked.

Simple, robust and reliable for both indoor and outdoor use. Agile, robust, easy to use and maintain, STAR 6 vertical masts are intended for use in multiple applications. The STAR 6 is ideal for confined spaces.Thanks to it’s tight turning radius, the STAR 6 bypass obstacles with agility. It’s narrow frames make them extremely easy to operate.


The STAR 6 Crawler rolls over difficult terrain with ease. The crawler track system guarantees excellent adherence. The oscillating intermediate wheels and their mobile axis ensure contact with the ground for maximum traction.

ADAPTED TO FRAGILE SURFACES The STAR 6 Crawler tracks distribute the weight over a large surface area. The pressure on the ground is reduced, enabling the machine to crawl over sensitive floors: marble, tile, carpet, etc. The non-marking crawlers leave no trace of its passing. 

See more about the Star 6 crawler here 


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