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Casual Yard Hand

The successful applicant will work in all aspects related to the basic maintenance, care & cleaning of the companies hire fleet, to assist with all general yard & shop duties & workshop chores, to do pick up and deliveries when requested, carry out stock assembly and possibly pre delivery when requested, and to carry out any tasks from all areas of the business, that may arise. The successful applicant will be expected to perform at a high level of proficiency all routine and non-routine functions as assigned.  The successful applicant will be supervised and guided by others to maximise utilisation of assigned skills, facilities and equipment.

The successful applicant must be able to work unsupervised on an individual basis and also as part of a team and have sufficient aptitude to efficiently and safely carry out all aspects of the position.

There will be some customer interaction thus personal presentation and good public interaction skills are essential.

We have a vast product area to work with, which includes most outdoor power equipment such as chainsaws, brushcutters and mowers, concreting and construction equipment, earthmoving equipment such as road rollers, excavators & mini loaders, elevated work platforms, trailers, garden equipment and a vast range of general specialised equipment.

Essential requirements & conditions of employment

* Subject to Vicroads licence check at your expense.

* Mechanical aptitude essential.

* Drivers licence essential.

* Signed copy of the company policy handbook.

* To be of good nature and character.

* To work and fit in with our team to ensure harmony & fun within the workplace.

Personal profile requirements

Personality- A confident person with a bright and positive outlook.  Must have a clear focus on high quality and attention to detail.  You must be reliable, tolerant to different situations and people and are keen to learn new experiences and responsibilities. 

Specific job skills – You must have mechanical aptitude, and be capable of lifting heavy items. 


Computer skills – Our maintenance records are computer based so basic computer skills are preferred.


Literacy & Numeracy – Literacy & numeracy skills are preferred.  The applicant must also be fluent in English.

Work Ethic – The successful work applicant must have an honest, professional work ethic.  You need to be houseproud at all times and be proud of the work you can produce.  You will need to have your work areas clean and tidy at all times and put all the tools back where they belong.  You will need to know when to improvise

where necessary on jobs without cutting corners or without placing yourself or others in breach of health and safety issues.  You will need to be open minded about your approach to jobs and be open to suggestion from others as to how to go about a job.

Essential Functions

  1. Fleet inspection, preparation & presentation
  2. Fleet maintenance, servicing and repairs
  3. Housekeeping
  4. General

  1. Fleet inspection, preparation & presentation

*Inspect all hire fleet units upon return.  Inspections to be precise and thorough.  Check for safe use and operation, all controls working, satisfactory safety

mechanisms, correct fitting of accessories and features and a general complete and proper inspection. 

*Monitor all fleet units to ensure consumables are attached as required.

*Ensure that all fleet units where required have owners manuals, risk and hazard assessments, safety instructions, warning decals and safety cards fitted.

*Wash all hire equipment upon return.

*Ensure professional presentation of all units.

*Electronically record all checks and services

  1. Fleet maintenance, service and repairs

*Service all fleet units as per individual machine service schedules. 

*Ensure elevated work platforms logbooks and scheduled checks are filled out and recorded as per requirements.

*Annually, biannually or more often if required have complete checks of all trailer units and their components. 

  1. Housekeeping

*General housekeeping to continue is a shared responsibility with all workshop and general staff.

            Ie         Cleaning and sweeping

                        Refilling of fuel tins

                        Cleaning washbay

                        Cleaning and storage of fuels and lubricants

                        General yard cleaning

  1. General

*Assure work is performed by all in accordance with sound occupational health and safety standards.  Be aware of your duty of care and work within those requirements.

*Deliver hire units or workshop jobs when requested.  Do pick up’s or deliveries for any other reason as required.

*Load and unload manually.

*Attend any training sessions onsite and externally if required.

*Assist with customers for any queries as required.

*Assist with general yard duties as required.  Unload and load deliveries from customers and suppliers.

*Load up and hand over hire gear to customers as required ensuring that they have been shown safe operation of the machine and are confident with its operation and knowledge of where all the safety instructions and decals are located.

*Keep all work areas clan and tidy at all times.

In general, the job roles for this position are varied.  We have a very large product range and customer base and are proactive about increasing and improving our business and market share.  We market, promote and advertise our business regularly to ensure future success. 

As employers we provide a fun and safe work environment.  We will provide all the necessary training for all aspects of the business both in house and externally.

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